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Plimoth Plantation, a Smithsonian-Affiliate living history museum, takes you back in time.

You can participate in the harvest celebration (it was not called Thanksgiving until the mid-1800s) 17th-century meal. Centuries-old psalms and songs will entertain you, and you will be encouraged to join in singing. The Settlers and the Natives’…

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  • Whitney Plantation

Whitney Plantation is on River Road and is about an hour away from New Orleans. Even though sugarcane is still grown on parts of the land, the plantation is a museum dedicated to slavery. The site is where a sugar plantation was operated, and three hundred fifty slaves…

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde (1920), photo from Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

The first horror movie was a silent movie premiered one hundred and twelve years ago. The 1908 film, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, is not available for viewing today. There are no known copies. The Werewolf is another horror movie created during this time with no copies. Edison Studios released…

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Two thousand years ago, Celts in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France celebrated the new year on November 1st.

On October 31st, Celts would participate in a pagan spiritual celebration known as Samhain. During Samhain, families burned hearth fires in their homes while they gathered the harvest. When the…

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Or choose new ones

I say stupid things at times. Sometimes the silly stuff I say slip out, sometimes they make no sense. Sometimes I blurt out random thoughts or say something I do not exactly mean. I accept this about myself.

It is not worth my time being friends…

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I never quite understood the point of child support as a rule. Why is one parent always ordered to pay child support even when there is 50/50 custody? I know that this is an unpopular opinion but let me explain my reasoning.

When two parents care for their child, 50…

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